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Who doesn’t love a road trip?! This is not just any road trip, it’s one in convoy with other like-minded adventurers all looking to experience everything the great Australian Outback has to offer.

Here’s your chance…

Digital Connections

Share your story via your very own Team profile – upload pics, share experiences, and connect with other Roadies.

Connections En Route

Meander or bee-line along the official Roadies Route, achieving safety in numbers with your Roadie convoy as you set your own pace for the journey and meet others along the way.

Connections @ The Races

Join thousands of Roadies in Birdsville and share the experience of a lifetime together.


Via the Roadies Social Platform

Once registered, you can bring your profile to life by telling your story, connecting with other Roadies, and building a Team.

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Hit the ‘Join Now’ button above and sign up in minutes.

You’ll get instant access to set up your vehicle profile, which is your green light to connect with others and access your Roadies Rewards. 


Build connections with other Roadies by creating a Team. This can be private (for your existing friends) or public (for meeting new ones).

Give your team a colouful name, upload pics of your car and crew, and let the banter begin!

Meet other ROADIES

Connect with Roadies nation-wide, share your plans, meet online – and then in real life – make lifelong friendships, and share the experience.

Support each other, roast each other, share a beer… it’s up to you!

The Roadies social platform is for the exclusive Birdsville Races ticket holders – it’s easy to use, doesn’t require a Facebook account (just an email address), and makes it easy to plan and co-ordinate your trip with your Team.

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